Mohammad Akhtar


Meet the founder, Mohammad Akhtar, who is the brain behind this successful and innovative-driven company. Mohammad founded the company in 2017, intending to provide high-quality scrap to businesses with different usages and recycling uses. He has worked with various projects and has connections with reputable sources.


鄭 和 Abubacker

Business Development & Project Leader

With 21+ years of international experience in the field with successful track record. Extensive experience in partnering with major business owners globally. With Business Management as his Educational background.


Shah Mujahed

Global Procurement Manager

Shah Mujahed opens the line of communication between clients, customers, and businesses to get projects done. Mujahed has years of experience in management consultation, team building, professional development, strategic implementation, and company collaboration, and working with different clients in various sectors. Mujahed had worked as a freelancer before and executed other projects in his own capacity and is a certified SMM consultant. Mujahed holds a BBA from an accredited university in the states.


Faraz Sunnah

Operational Supervisor

Faraz Sunnah, Our Operational Supervisor, has the critical skills to maintain our skilled employee's productivity and optimism. She worked with different clients with various needs at the same time managing our team. Whenever we are under pressure, we rest assured that Faraz Sunnah is in our team.


Ataf Altaf

Operation Coordinator

Ataf Altaf has proven success in creating cultures of collaboration, and implementing change to achieve workforce excellence. He has a track record of coaching in the areas of transformational leadership, intercultural communication, team building, and managing change. He holds a bachelor’s degree from international university based out of Wollongong, Australia.